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2009 – Flashback

2007 made me a husband.
2008 made us (Guriya and I) understand the real meaning of marriage.
2009 made me a home-owner and a to-be papa.
2010 will make me a papa and Guriya a mummy!
2010 will also make my parents, dada-dadi, Guriya’s parents, nana-nani, Ritu a bhua, Radha & Sheena a masi, Adolfo a tio (he doesn’t like how mausa sounds ;-p)!!
What a wonderful year we have ahead of us!

Back to 2009.
Everything (happiness & sadness) has a reason, and one savors happy moments more if one has been through sad times. My belief is – “Remember the sad times, but don’t dwell on them. Focus on the good & happy.”
So, here goes the list of happy times (in 2009) I am thankful for.

  • Healthy family members & friends.
  • Guriya and I truly becoming one. The year brought a reassuring stability to our relationship.
  • Making our house a home. As the popular ad (at least from a few years ago)…
    Rent an apartment -$875
    Buy a house – $290,000
    Make it a home with family – Priceless

    Doing things around the house with Papaji and Mummyji was a blessing I wish for every son. We did everything from hanging mirrors/paintings on the walls, hardware shopping, gardening, painting the patio, putting together furniture and much more. Guriya and Mummyji organized the kitchen. Hanging the curtains was a family affair with everybody contributing. [photos]

  • Stable jobs for Guriya and I. The economy was in doldrums and a number of our close friends lost their jobs, which made us appreciate our stable jobs even more.
  • Guriya’s pregnancy. Best news of the year.
  • Announcing the pregnancy news to our parents in-person. Guriya had been praying for months to be able to share the pregnancy news with our parents in person, not over the phone. God granted her this wish.
  • Sheena-Adolfo’s wedding. They got engaged a few days after our marriage in April 2007, and finally became a man & wife on April 25, 2009. [photos]
  • Radha starting her pediatrics residency. This smart lady cleared the board exams at the first attempt, right after finishing her internship and will soon become a wonderful pediatrician.
  • Subbu-Sushma. Gargi was born. They also bought a beautiful house.  Gargi just turned one! [photo]

I look forward to another fantastic year full of happiness and love.

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