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Sharing the news!

I am not a big fan of surprises.  I like to wait in anticipation, maybe worry about the outcome, sometimes nervously, sometimes excitedly, play all possible outcomes in my mind over and over again, never hear or utter anything negative and stay positively realistic.  Certain life situations like illness of a loved one, however, reveal the inadequacies of the human resolve to be 100% positive.  Prayer is then the last refuge.

Well, that introduction to my dislike of surprises was to share with you the creatively endearing ideas of Guriya for sharing the news of her pregnancy and more recently the gender of our baby.

News of a pregnancy is not a surprise in most cases.  If you do the deed, you have to expect the result.  Of course, we were hoping to go from couple to triple (we really wanted to have twins, but there is only so much a human being has in control), and were waiting for enough days to go by before the dipstick test.  An understandable combination of excited anticipation, curiosity and anxiety had Guriya do the test earlier than we had planned.  I and Papaji-Mummyji were invited for lunch at Arun’s place.  Guriya was invited too, but wasn’t feeling too well, so decided to stay home.  Thinking back, maybe she wanted to stay home to do the test and prepare a surprise for me.  Anyway, we talked a few times while I was at Arun’s, and Guriya mentioned that she was outside taking a walk…needed fresh air.  What she was doing in fact, was taking a walk to the closest store to get a beautiful “pregnancy announcement” card to break the news to me.  [photos]   The gift bag you see in the photos is the bag we have used since our first anniversary to give each other gifts in…sort of like a family heirloom.  The joke is that we will ask the OB doc to hand us the baby after delivery in this bag.  😛

Next, we had to share the news with our families.  Guriya had always wanted to be able to do this in person, not over the phone….too impersonal, and one is left wondering all the fun things being said and the blissful smiles on the faces of the news recipients.  Fortunately, Papaji & Mummyji (India) were already with us, and Papaji & Mummyji (Costa Rica) were going to be with us in a few days too.  The night Papaji & Mummyji arrived from Costa Rica, it was really late by the time we got home, and I tried dropping hints (I asked Guriya to not lift any bags, walk carefully, etc.), but they did not get it…probably, they were too tired.  Finally, when I told that Guriya had stopped drinking coke for the next nine months at least, there were tears, smiles, silent prayers with folded hands, hugs and kisses.  Phone calls followed to announce the news to Ritu, Radha and Sheena.  Joy all around!  God had granted Guriya her wish, and we now realize how fortunate we were to be able to share the news with our parents in person.

Now, we had to wait for 18 weeks before we could find out the gender of Baby Sharma.  In the meantime, the Philadelphia area was experiencing the start of what is now a record-breaking winter.  Guriya was starting to have health issues due to the cold weather.  She was diagnosed with migraine triggered by the cold winter weather.  Not wanting to give-up her job, she persisted for a month, before it got unbearable.  She was hardly getting any sleep due to the constant headaches.  We decided that in the best interest of Baby Sharma, she would apply for leave from work and go to Costa Rica for some time…warmer climes and family.  We however, wanted to find out the gender of Baby Sharma before Guriya left for Costa Rica, so that we could enjoy the news together, not long distance.  Alas, it wasn’t to be.  The ultrasound, on the Thursday before Guriya left, was not revealing.  Disappointed, Guriya talked with her OB-Gyn friends in Costa Rica and scheduled an ultrasound for Tuesday, less than 24 hours after landing in Costa Rica.  We had decided that I would be on the phone with Guriya, when Dra.Alfaro performs the ultrasound and the doctor would announce the gender on the phone, so that both of us would hear the news at the same time.  However, Guriya had something better planned.  Instead of 7pm (I was told that the ultrasound appointment was for 7pm), she had the ultrasound done at 5pm.  Ligia and kids went with her.  I was still working when mi vida called me (before she shared the news with anybody else) and asked me to go check behind the TV stand in our basement.  There lay hidden the bag holding the big news.  Boy!  First thing that came to my dumbfounded brain was – “How did Guriya know we were going to have a boy before she left?” 😛  It turns out, before Guriya left for Costa Rica, she had prepared cute cards and notes and hid them in different spots.   One pink bag (in the walk-in closet) and one blue bag (behind the TV stand).  And, depending on the outcome of the ultrasound, Guriya would direct me to the proper bag.  Such endearing ingenuity! [photos]

As for me, I sent a txt to Subbu to inform him that Baby Sharma has “Something big in between.”  The fun nugget is that when Subbu and Sushma were informed that they were going to have a girl, Subbu out of sheer curiosity asked the doctor, “How do you know it’s a girl?”  The doctor turned-out was a smartass and pointing to the ultrasound TV screen answered “There is nothing in between!”

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