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When he was the size of an apple…

When Guriya was 15 weeks pregnant, our baby had grown to the size of an apple. We celebrated the milestone by going out for dinner at Applebee’s. We had Nachos and Quesadillas.
We wish they had restaurants with the following names (or variations of), so that we could celebrate the weekly milestonesappropriately‘ 😛
Lentil (6 weeks)
Blueberry (7 weeks)
Rajma (Kidney Bean) (8 weeks)
Grape (9 weeks)
Kumquats (10 weeks) I have no idea what kumquats are….probably, have never tasted them.
Fig (11 weeks)
Lime/Lemon (12/14 weeks)
Avocado (16 weeks)
Turnip/Shalgam (17/25 weeks)
Bell Pepper/Shimla Mirch (18 weeks)
Tomato (19 weeks) Interesting that Food Scientists have classified a simple tomato into so many categories. Which kind do you normally eat?
Banana (20 weeks)
Carrot (21 weeks)
Squash (22/29 weeks)
Mango (23 weeks)
Corn (24 weeks)
Cucumber (26 weeks)
Cauliflower/Cabbage (27/28 weeks)
Orange (31 weeks)
Pineapple (33 weeks)
Cantaloupe/Melon (34/35/36/39 weeks)
Pumpkin (40 weeks) I think we have a Pumpkin near us. If our baby decides to not celebrate his birthday by week 40, we will definitely plan to go there! 🙂

How about Chipotle? We go there at least a couple of times a month to celebrate Baby Sharma’s safe growth inside his Mummy’s tummy. 🙂

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