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Guriya’s Baby Showers – Costa Rica & USA

We are very lucky to have been the recipients of the love and generosity of so many of our friends and of course, family. This past weekend (May 16, 2010) I, with help from Beena didi and Ritu, hosted a surprise baby shower for Guriya. This was the USA edition of the celebration to welcome our baby. We had Guriya’s first baby shower in Costa Rica on March 07, 2010. It was hosted by Papaji & Mummyji, and was not a surprise…in fact, Guriya did much of the planning and took care of most of the logistics herself. Pobrecita mi vida.

Baby Shower #1 (Sunday, March 07, 2010)
Guriya was in Costa Rica a few “loooong” weeks before I joined her. I was supposed to be with her on March 04, 2010, but a series of interesting events delayed my trip by a day. I reached Costa Rica on the night of March 05th, and was greeted by an earthquake. I have never experienced an earthquake first hand, and was fortunate to not have felt this one either. I think I was in the baño para caballeros when the tremor occurred.

Guriya had started recognizing Kabir’s movements a few days before I arrived, and I was eager to feel his kicks too. I just had to wait until we were in bed and a few patient minutes later, he obliged me. My hand was on Guriya’s pregnant belly, and I felt a flutter and a little poke. It was such a magical moment. How can you even begin to explain the emotions of feeling your baby’s touch, when it was only a photo and heartbeat until then. Words cannot do justice. The photos and heartbeat are extraordinary too and generate the same feeling when you first see/hear them, but a touch is tangible.

Guriya had planned for the baby shower in great detail. The baby shower invitations were designed by her friend from high school. We had them prepared in both English and Spanish. They were made in two designs – a chewing gum sleeve and a cute box with chocolates inside. Guriya saved enough for Kabir’s keepsake book, and one for each family member.

The venue was Restaurante del Colegio de Medicos (Medical College Restaurant)
The table center pieces were absolutely beautiful…and in great demand. To make sure her gynecologist got one, Guriya was to ask Dr. Gonzalez (Dra. Alfaro’s husband) to listen carefully to the question the compere was the ask next. Guriya had asked the compere to ask “What is the full name of Guriya’s gynecologist (Dra. Alfaro)?” The centerpieces for Kabir’s room are currently with his masis for safe keeping and care.

The food was delicioso and the gifts preciosos. We received plenty of clothes and toys for Kabir. Little Santiago made the gift-opening session even more fun.

Baby Shower #2 (Sunday, May 16, 2010)
Guriya had always hoped for an intimate gathering of close friends at our home as well to celebrate Baby Sharma’s impending arrival aka Baby Shower. I started planning for it as a surprise for Guriya and called Beena didi to invite her. That was the best thing I could have done for this event. From that point on, didi practically did all of the planning and coordination, though she had to plan another baby shower and also attend birthing classes with her friend. I cannot thank her enough for her help. Everybody loved the decoration and the games. Didi, Ritu and Beckah did all of the preparations on the morning of the event, while I took Guriya out to run a few errands.
I planned it such that Papaji and Mummyji could also attend. They arrived the weekend before. The invitations were sent online.

Mummyji cooked Chole. They were expectedly a hit. A number of guests took home additional servings. We had rest of the food (Aloo papri chat and samosas) catered from Kashmir Garden restaurant in northeast Philadelphia.
I ordered custom party favors and an announcement banner from BabyShowerStuff dot com. The favors included scented candle tins with personalized lids. They were made even more beautiful and elegant by Beena didi by adding the boxes and ribbons.
We also received two cakes – one from Kiran (2 tier with pregnant lady figurine on top) and the other from Beena didi (single tier and lined with cupcakes). Ritu’s friend from Pittsburgh also sent a big diaper cake.

The ladies enjoyed playing the usual baby shower games. Most fun was the one where you took another persons ribbon necklace if they spoke any one of the words outlawed for use during the party.

Another party hit was our neighbor’s (Mike & Lisa) son, Ethan. He is a happy child and his face lights-up the moment he sees his mother.

We received some wonderful gifts, and are very thankful for them. Everybody who saw the nursery, loved the ultrasound photos framed on the wall next to the crib.

We had great fun and hope that everybody who attended enjoyed the time too. A number of close friends could not come, and we hope to see them soon.
We are so excited to welcome Kabir in the next few weeks.

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