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Pick Your Battles Wisely

9-day shaving curfew is nothing unusual for me, for I have gone longer without a shave a few times in the past, when Guriya is away and I am living as a bachelor. It isn’t out of laziness that I don’t shave on such occasions, but merely my love for facial hair. Guriya loves a stubble on me, but after 4 days, she too wants me to shave. The latest “shaving curfew” however, transpired due to a combination of my sloppy wake-up pattern and Kabir’s recent transition to a very light sleeper. He has become light sleeper since returning from Costa Rica, probably because he co-slept with Guriya while there. Or more likely, because he is becoming sensitive to the sudden disappearance of his throngs of fans (family, friends, Sheena’s old colleagues @ Quintiles, staff at Radha’s hospital, Papaji-Mummyji’s friends and many more), and now doesn’t want his mummy out of sight or touch. The same thing happened when we returned from India. He nonetheless keeps us busy our every waking minute. We are preparing his food, washing his bottles, etc. after he goes to bed. And, when he finally does sleep (after Guriya and I have tried everything), we try not to enter the room, for if we do, his wail is shriller than the shrillest factory siren.
Finally, I gave-in and took my shaving kit out of our bathroom in to the second bathroom. Battle lost. I think both Kabir (insert tickle video link) and Guriya were happy about it.
This best illustrates for parents to pick their battles wisely. ha ha ha

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