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Summer is here :(

Tonight (April 27, 2011), Kabir woke-up repeatedly due to, what we think, was mildly humid, warm weather (approx. 81 degrees). The weather during the past few days has not been cold, so we had the windows open and were enjoying the few days in the year that we don’t have to pay the gas company for heat/ac. I don’t enjoy the summer weather that much, probably because I have had my share of it growing-up. Guriya, however, prefers summer to winter. Kabir probably takes after me on this count.
We gave Kabir a bath just before his bed time, hoping that would help him sleep well despite the warm weather. Kabir however woke-up crying and tossing-turning after an hour. He was all sweaty when we picked him up. We already had a pedestal fan on, but apparently that wasn’t helping. We had tried almost everything short of starting the AC, with no success in helping him sleep. Finally, we switched-on the AC and he slept well. One of the reasons I did not want to start the AC, was my fear that Kabir would not be able to tolerate even mild warm weather if he is kept so sheltered…not that he is not too sheltered anyway. When you can, you do provide, merit/demerit notwithstanding. That’s a whole another (IMPORTANT) discussion though.
This got us thinking of the babies and especially their parents who live in really warm climes and don’t have access to temperature controlling devices such as a water cooler or AC. Babies everywhere, I am sure, are as uncomfortable as Kabir was today due to the warm room temp. Parents however must feel so helpless if they cannot switch-on the AC as a quick-fix. I cannot help but wonder and admire how Papaji-Mummyji handled such situations when I and Ritu were babies.
We are so privileged and lucky and blessed to not have to worry about such things in life. We almost don’t think of them until we find them missing. Such inequality in this world seems very very unfair. We need to value these resources more, and pray and hope that parents of babies don’t have to face such stern tests. I am sure sterner tests await as our kids grow, but today this seems significant enough to merit a mention.

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