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My Best Birthday Gift as a Papa

May 06, 2011
My first birthday as a papa was made extra-extra-extra superlatively extra-special by my lovely wife. She had been teaching Kabir to say “papa” for over a month now, as a birthday present for me. Kabir has been saying “ma ma ma ma” for over 3 months now, and when Guriya would say “papa” he would respond with “ma ma ma”. So, we weren’t waiting with bated breath for him to speak “papa” in time for my birthday. But but but, at around 6 pm on May 6, he reached-out from his high-chair, held my arm with both hands, and spoke in his beautiful voice – “pa pa…pa pa”. Guriya and I were in a conversation and stopped mid-sentence when we heard it, and were overcome with a wave of happiness and pride. An absolute high!
I was enjoying my special day with Guriya and Kabir, but this was as they say, “icing on the cake”.

The day started with Guriya and Kabir waking me up with a beautiful b’day card and a gift in our “family gift bag”. The b’day note from Guriya and Kabir in the card was such a nice way to start the day. They also got me a cardigan, which needless to say looks great on me. 🙂 I love it!

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