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Too good to be true…but, TRUE!

April 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Last night.
Kabir and I took a shower together and I had just finished dressing-up Kabir in his night clothes. I was picking-up the towels to go hang them on the line, when I was singing my favorite jingle – the one I often sing with my sons. It goes like this:

Papa ke do pyaare bachche
Ek Kabir aur ek Aseem

Kabir joins me and then acts out the “do” (2) part of the jingle by flipping his index finger and saying “ek” and subsequently flipping the middle finger and saying “do”. He repeats that with his other hand. Then his did what amazed me. He matched the fingers on both hands and exclaimed, “Papa, look match match”. A second later, he says, “Papa look. A diamond”
I couldn’t be prouder. 🙂Kabir_Diamond

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Trampoline hamare ghar mein. Kyu nahi?

April 25, 2013 Leave a comment

I am no fan of trampolines, especially the ones that don’t have a protective net around them. They are, I believe, accidents waiting to happen. I witnessed the aftermath of one such accident the son of my co-worker experienced. He dislocated his hand and just watching the little boy wince (even under anesthesia) when the doctor tried to put the hand back in its place, was enough to make me faint right in the doctors office. :-p Yes, that actually did happen.
So, today while eating breakfast, Kabir asks me, “Papa, hamare ghar mein trampoline kyu nahi hain?”
Papa: Kyuki, we don’t have space for it.
K: Papa, space hain Papa. Maine space banayi hain.
P: Kaha beta?
K: Baahar Papa. (he points to the road in front of the house)
P: Baahar nahi rakh sakte hain hum trampoline. Dalia aunty apni gaddi kaise chalayegi, agar hum trampoline road par rakhenge tho? (This got him thinking.) We can go to Julian-Santiago’s house on Saturday, and you can jump on their trampoline with them.
K: OK Papa!
He is satisfied and goes about finishing his pita bread and hummus breakfast.
I take this opportunity to reinforce the days-of-the-week concept.
P: Kabir, what day is today?
K: (after thinking for a couple of seconds) Papa, aap batao. 🙂
P: Today is Thursday. So, what day is today?
K: Thursday, Papa.
P: Right, today is Thursday. Tomorrow, it will be Friday. And, after Friday, it will be Saturday. You can jump on the trampoline on Saturday!
I should tell him the day every morning when he wakes-up and when I drop him off at school. I have been planning to do this for a few months now….maybe, now I will start regularly.
Evening update: When we are driving back from the daycare, I ask him, “What day is today, Kabir?
K: Today is Saturday! Trampoline day!
P: Nahi beta, today is Thursday. Tomorrow it will be Friday and the day after, it will be Saturday.
K: Nahi Papa, today is Saturday. Aaj hum trampoline par jump karenge.
:)Soon, he is distracted by his windmill friends, and forgets about the trampoline.

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Papa, this step is a triangle too!

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Kabir loves to hop down the stairs, and much as we would like him not to, the best solution we have agreed-upon is that he can hop down the stairs only when Guriya or I are holding his hand(s). Yesterday mornning, I got both Aseem and Kabir dressed for school and were coming downstairs for breakfast, when Kabir stops on the landing and exclaims, “Papa, this step is a triangle. And, this step is a triangle too!” Then a few steps later, repeats, “This step is a triangle too. And, this step is a triangle too.” These four steps are indeed triangles, and it was no surprise that Kabir could identify a triangle. He knows the shapes for over a year now, and had made connections with other objects when asked since many months, but this was probably the first time he made the connection unprompted. He is very curious and is starting to observe things a lot more closey now. 🙂

This step is a triangle too!

This step is a triangle too!

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Durga Mata’s Birthday

April 18, 2013 Leave a comment

Every morning during breakfast, Kabir and Aseem watch Sesame Street’s alphabet videos. For a change, today (April 18, 2013), I told Kabir and Aseem that it was Durga Mata’s birthday today and that we should watch a few bhajans. I played the “Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hain, Mata Ne Bulaya Hain” by Narender Chanchal on YouTube and encouraged him to sing along “Jai Mata Di” to wish Durga Happy Birthday. I showed him the Vaishno Devi photo and told him, “Durga Mata yaha rehti hain”
Kabir: Papa, chalo waha jaate hain.
Papa: Beta, woh tho bahut door hain. Hum abhi nahi jaa sakte. Hopefully, soon.
K: Kyu Papa?
P: Kyuki Durga Mata ka ghar India mein hain.
K: Hum airplane mein jaa sakte hain, Papa.
P: I know beta, but humko tickets bhi leni hain.
K: Mere white airplane mein chalte hain Papa. Aap aur Aseem usme baith jaana.
(He is almost giddy with happiness and is giggling)
K: Main sabko apne airplane mein le jaunga. Nanu-Nani, Radha masi, Ruchi bhua, Dadu-Dadi…sabko.
P: Jaldi jayenge beta. Sab ko le kar jayenge.

Aaah! The bliss of childhood and the fantastically simple solution to every problem. I wish everything was so simple.
We could not be in Vaishno Devi at that moment, but singing “Jai Mata Di” with my son, had me reliving the experience in my mind. Thank you, Kabir! I love you. 🙂
Here is Kabir’s airplane (a gift from his bhua).

Kabir's White Airplane

Kabir’s White Airplane

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Kabir’s 1st Verbalized Dream

April 17, 2013 1 comment

April 17, 2013
Kabir: Papa, main jab soo raha tha, tho ek uncle mujhe pakadne aaye the; aur main aapko aur Mummy ko dundh raha tha.
Papa: Sachi mera bachcha. (A hug) Kabir tho Papa ki jaan hain. Kabir ko koi bhi nahi le sakta hain.
K: Uncle jump karke aaye the.
P: Hum kisi ko bhi nahi aane denge. Darr gaya tha bera beta.
K: Haanji Papa. Kabir darr gaya tha.
P: Bilkul bhi nahi darna. Mera Kabir tho brave bachcha hain.
K: Aur strong bhi!
P: Beta, I think aapne sapna dekha tha.
K: Sapna kya hota hain, Papa.
P: Dream, beta. Aapne dream kiya tha ko koi uncle aapko pakad rahe the. Koi nahi pakadega mere bete ko.
Sapna, dream, sueño.
K: OK, Papa.

I am sure, Kabir has had many dreams in his 2 years 10 months and 9 days, but this was his first verbalized dream. I almost wanted to not talk to him about his dream, hoping he would forget it. I thought he might be too scared to sleep in his bedroom if I discuss it. But, I did not want to ignore what he had to share and wanted to see if this could be a TL (teaching-learning) moment for both of us. Let’s hope the latter is true.

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