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Kabir’s 1st Verbalized Dream

April 17, 2013
Kabir: Papa, main jab soo raha tha, tho ek uncle mujhe pakadne aaye the; aur main aapko aur Mummy ko dundh raha tha.
Papa: Sachi mera bachcha. (A hug) Kabir tho Papa ki jaan hain. Kabir ko koi bhi nahi le sakta hain.
K: Uncle jump karke aaye the.
P: Hum kisi ko bhi nahi aane denge. Darr gaya tha bera beta.
K: Haanji Papa. Kabir darr gaya tha.
P: Bilkul bhi nahi darna. Mera Kabir tho brave bachcha hain.
K: Aur strong bhi!
P: Beta, I think aapne sapna dekha tha.
K: Sapna kya hota hain, Papa.
P: Dream, beta. Aapne dream kiya tha ko koi uncle aapko pakad rahe the. Koi nahi pakadega mere bete ko.
Sapna, dream, sueño.
K: OK, Papa.

I am sure, Kabir has had many dreams in his 2 years 10 months and 9 days, but this was his first verbalized dream. I almost wanted to not talk to him about his dream, hoping he would forget it. I thought he might be too scared to sleep in his bedroom if I discuss it. But, I did not want to ignore what he had to share and wanted to see if this could be a TL (teaching-learning) moment for both of us. Let’s hope the latter is true.

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