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Durga Mata’s Birthday

Every morning during breakfast, Kabir and Aseem watch Sesame Street’s alphabet videos. For a change, today (April 18, 2013), I told Kabir and Aseem that it was Durga Mata’s birthday today and that we should watch a few bhajans. I played the “Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hain, Mata Ne Bulaya Hain” by Narender Chanchal on YouTube and encouraged him to sing along “Jai Mata Di” to wish Durga Happy Birthday. I showed him the Vaishno Devi photo and told him, “Durga Mata yaha rehti hain”
Kabir: Papa, chalo waha jaate hain.
Papa: Beta, woh tho bahut door hain. Hum abhi nahi jaa sakte. Hopefully, soon.
K: Kyu Papa?
P: Kyuki Durga Mata ka ghar India mein hain.
K: Hum airplane mein jaa sakte hain, Papa.
P: I know beta, but humko tickets bhi leni hain.
K: Mere white airplane mein chalte hain Papa. Aap aur Aseem usme baith jaana.
(He is almost giddy with happiness and is giggling)
K: Main sabko apne airplane mein le jaunga. Nanu-Nani, Radha masi, Ruchi bhua, Dadu-Dadi…sabko.
P: Jaldi jayenge beta. Sab ko le kar jayenge.

Aaah! The bliss of childhood and the fantastically simple solution to every problem. I wish everything was so simple.
We could not be in Vaishno Devi at that moment, but singing “Jai Mata Di” with my son, had me reliving the experience in my mind. Thank you, Kabir! I love you. 🙂
Here is Kabir’s airplane (a gift from his bhua).

Kabir's White Airplane

Kabir’s White Airplane

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