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Trampoline hamare ghar mein. Kyu nahi?

I am no fan of trampolines, especially the ones that don’t have a protective net around them. They are, I believe, accidents waiting to happen. I witnessed the aftermath of one such accident the son of my co-worker experienced. He dislocated his hand and just watching the little boy wince (even under anesthesia) when the doctor tried to put the hand back in its place, was enough to make me faint right in the doctors office. :-p Yes, that actually did happen.
So, today while eating breakfast, Kabir asks me, “Papa, hamare ghar mein trampoline kyu nahi hain?”
Papa: Kyuki, we don’t have space for it.
K: Papa, space hain Papa. Maine space banayi hain.
P: Kaha beta?
K: Baahar Papa. (he points to the road in front of the house)
P: Baahar nahi rakh sakte hain hum trampoline. Dalia aunty apni gaddi kaise chalayegi, agar hum trampoline road par rakhenge tho? (This got him thinking.) We can go to Julian-Santiago’s house on Saturday, and you can jump on their trampoline with them.
K: OK Papa!
He is satisfied and goes about finishing his pita bread and hummus breakfast.
I take this opportunity to reinforce the days-of-the-week concept.
P: Kabir, what day is today?
K: (after thinking for a couple of seconds) Papa, aap batao. 🙂
P: Today is Thursday. So, what day is today?
K: Thursday, Papa.
P: Right, today is Thursday. Tomorrow, it will be Friday. And, after Friday, it will be Saturday. You can jump on the trampoline on Saturday!
I should tell him the day every morning when he wakes-up and when I drop him off at school. I have been planning to do this for a few months now….maybe, now I will start regularly.
Evening update: When we are driving back from the daycare, I ask him, “What day is today, Kabir?
K: Today is Saturday! Trampoline day!
P: Nahi beta, today is Thursday. Tomorrow it will be Friday and the day after, it will be Saturday.
K: Nahi Papa, today is Saturday. Aaj hum trampoline par jump karenge.
:)Soon, he is distracted by his windmill friends, and forgets about the trampoline.

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