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Kabir regales me with a song from his US daycare

May 20, 2013 Leave a comment

May 20, 2013. I had just given Aseem a bath and Kabir wanted to follow suit, in the bathtub…now a tad small for him, but one that provides him the pleasures of a bubble bath!
After Kabir had played with his bath-time pals – starfish, sea horse and crab, I was helping him clean-up, when completely out of the blue, Kabir starts singing “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee…” I was “shockprised” – a combination of shock and surprise, that he would remember it after so many months…almost 7-8 months since he last sang it at home or at school.
Papa: Beta, what did you sing?
K: Papa, “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee”
P: You remember that song?!?!
K: Yes, Papa!
P: OK! That’s great. Let’s sing together!
K: No Papa. I will sing, you listen!
P: :-p

I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee,
Won’t my mommy be so proud of me;
(Cups hands together as if holding a bee)

I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee,
Ouch! It stung me!
(Shakes his hands as if just stung by a bee)

I’m squishing up the baby bumblebee,
Won’t my mommy be so proud of me;
(‘Squishing’ a bee between the palms of his hands)

I’m squishing up a baby bumblebee,
Ooh! It’s yucky!
(Opens up his hands to look at the ‘mess’)

I’m wiping off the baby bumblebee,
Won’t my mommy be so proud of me;
(Wipes his hands off on himself)

I’m wiping off the baby bumblebee,
Now my mommy won’t be mad at me!
(Holds his hands up to show they are clean)

Bravo Kabir, bravo!
Kabir-Aseem Enjoying Bath-time

UPDATE: On Father’s Day, I was invited to Kabir & Aseem’s daycare for a special function. More on that in a separate post. However, during the function, Kabir and his classmates sang and play-acted the “I’m brining home a baby bumblebee” song. I asked the teachers and was informed that they had started singing this song with the students a few weeks ago. So, that’s where Kabir heard the song again after a gap of a few months. The wonderful rendition of this song, exclusively for me, was just awesome though! 🙂
BTW, Kabir did not participate in the song/act at school. He is more gregarious, more demonstrative of his skills at home or among family and close friends, than at school or in a large gathering.

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My Birthday Gift

May 19, 2013 Leave a comment

2 years ago, on May 06, Kabir spoke “Papa” for the first time. On May 06, 2013, Aseem did not follow in the footsteps of his brother. Rather, he gave me an early gift. On May 05, 2013, he blew me a kiss, on demand, for the first time. Aseem has decided to chart his own course…much different from Kabir’s milestone trajectory. Aseem started crawling, walking, rappelling us the stairs, teething, fuss-free eating (almost everything), and much more, at the same pace at which Kabir started speaking, talking, interacting with one and all…all day long i.e. before reaching the 1 year mark. However, the only verbal clues Aseem has given us of his vocal cords, apart from his full-throated cries and laughs, is saying “Do Do” and pointing in the direction from where a dog is or barks. He call me, Guriya, and food “Mama”!. We are pretty sure, he is addressing food by that word…not Guriya. 🙂
So, his almost-smoochy kiss blown my way, for the first time, a day before my birthday, was a terrific present from my beta, Aseem “Googly Eyes” Sharma!

I also received a beautiful birthday card, handmade by my GUAPOS!

My Birthday Card

My Birthday Card

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