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Kabir – Our sure-shot sleep inducer

June 18, 2013: Kabir turned 3 nine days ago. Over these 3 years, he has transitioned from sleeping in the crib to his own bed, from diapers to ‘big boy’ underwears, from baby food to solids, from scooting to crawling to walking to running, from being the center of everybody’s attention to a doting big brother showering Aseem with attention and love, and many many more milestones. But, one thing that has not changed is him wanting either Guriya or I with him in bed when he goes to sleep. And, that has almost always meant, us drifting into deep sleep and waking-up the next morning thinking about all the things left unaccomplished the previous night. Lately though, Guriya and I have not been very happy with this practice, and have been thinking of ways to get him to go to bed all by himself. He loves to snuggle-up to Aseem like he never does with me. With Guriya though, he clings to her with not an inch of space between them before he sleeps. We think he likes to feel that he is not alone and now that we have transitioned Aseem to a toddler bed too, Kabir can touch him and feel secure while he sleeps. He still insists that either Guriya or I get in bed with him because Aseem is asleep by the time Kabir is ready for bedtime.
Kabir has heard Guriya and I talk about trying to get him to go to bed with Aseem, and without either of us, but never commented on it. Until today morning. Last night, Guriya had tucked-in Aseem while I got Kabir ready for bed. I led him to his bedroom and helped him to the bed with Aseem and Guriya. Kabir wanted to sleep with his mummy. I was about to leave the room, when Guriya and Kabir ask me to stay. I lay on the bed and sure enough both Guriya and I fell asleep right there with our boys. Today, Kabir woke-up a little around 5:40am, just as Guriya was getting ready to leave for work, and I was getting breakfast ready for her. He calls for us from upstairs and greets us with the cutest good morning. He is still sleepy and lays down on the sofa. When Guriya is ready to leave he gives her a big kiss and waves…asks her once to not go, but understands that she has to go because there are sick people at the hospital who are waiting for mummy to come and get them better. 🙂
After Guriya leaves, I sit down with Kabir and am about to talk about how we want him to go to bed at night by himself, when he says the following (audio recording):

Basically, he said that he will go to bed with Aseem, and that I should put-on the “lamb-i didi” video (HoMedics Sound Machine this was a gift from Sheena when Kabir was a few months old. We have used it since and Kabir loves it!) for him. I should them sleep with Guriya in our bed. And, he would wake-up in the morning and wish us good morning!
Guriya and I cannot wait to reclaim our late-evenings. 🙂

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