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Mamma – Do Do – Hola – Agua

Hamara Aseem…hamara pyaara Aseem…mera googly eyes
He is 1 year 4 months and 27 days today. He is a physically active boy…reaching his physical milestones (walking, climbing, running, grasping, throwing, etc.), around the same age when Kabir started talking clearly…around 9-10 months! And, now it seems Aseem is on track to match Kabir reaching a different milestone around the same age – talking (for Aseem) and running/climbing/etc. (for Kabir).
As of now, the only word Aseem says reliably is “Do Do”. “Do Do” for Aseem stands for a dog. Anytime, Aseem sees a dog or hears a dog bark, he points his finger in that direction and says “Do Do” 🙂
He also repeats “Hola” and “Agua”, but we doubt he understands yet what those words mean. We are just thrilled to hear a recognizable word come out of his beautiful mouth!
“Mamma” is a word that Aseem started saying first, but he uses it for anything and everything…for his mummy, his papa, for food, to call your attention to him, when he wants to be picked-up, etc. :-p

He definitely understands everything and knows everybody, but has chosen to get his work done by employing his limited vocabulary with grunts, shouts, cries, and by pointing at things. When Ritu was visiting over Kabir’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, we were all sitting around and Guriya asked him to give a spoon to Ruchi bhua. He dutifully took the spoon, turned around and went straight to Ritu and handed it to her. So exciting!!!! Later, we asked him where Kabir was, and he would point to him. Where Radha masi was, and he would point to her.

My theory around why he hasn’t started speaking yet is that Kabir speaks so much that Aseem does not get a chance to exercise his vocal chords. ha ha ha Sure, there are saner reasons like him being exposed to 3 languages at once, but my theory is way funnier! 🙂

BTW, Kabir’s first word was “Thank You”. My guapo gentleman!

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