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Samajhdar bada bhai

June 18, 2013
Guirya was doing night duty at the hospital, and I was home with the kids after school. We had taken an evening stroll and now it was time for dinner. Now, nobody in my family is as excited as Aseem is at the sight of anything edible…let alone a tasty meal cooked by me! 😉 So, here I am trying to get dinner plates ready for both Kabir and Aseem. Aseem is so eager to start eating that he is using the full range of his vocabulary to convey this to me. Finally, I get the dinner on the table and am feeding them both. Yes, Kabir has to be fed too, unless it is dahi or pinto or bread or milk or a handful of other dishes…sigh! Anyway, I got distracted for a minute talking with Kabir and Aseem started crying, for he had to sit idle for that time after having finished his last mouthful of food.
Papa: “Aseem, beta, de rahe hain Papa, khana.”
Kabir chimes-in with this: “Papa, I think Aseem Mummy ko miss kar raha hain, is liye cry kar raha hain.” He then turns to Aseem and says, “Aseem, Mummy hospital mein kaam kar rahi hain. Rona nahi.”

That’s my samajhdar guapo…always like this, except when he is the one missing Mummy. ha ha ha

BTW, Aseem did not like the chana daal I had cooked earlier that day. My Fav!

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