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That Stupid Dream

June 18, 2013:
Back in April, I had written about Kabir’s 1st verbalized dream. Since then, he has moved out of our bed and back into his room with Aseem, sleeping on the two toddler beds joined together. But, Guriya or I still have to be with him until he drifts into deep sleep. We are trying to transition him out of this phase and start to go to bed independently…so far, with slim success. Earlier this week when I broached this topic with him, and suggested that he go to bed with Aseem, he again related his dream to me, saying, “Papa, main darr jaata hu jab uncle aate hain.” I had so hoped that he would forget about this dream, but….
I tried reasoning with him that all the doors and windows are closed and nobody can enter the house or his room. Also, that I will be in the next room, and if he is scared, he can call for me. Nothing worked. Finally, I asked him to sleep with his Hanuman Chalisa book, since Kabir always counts Hanuman as his best friend! Kabir and I used to go to the mandir every Tuesday evening to participate in the Hanuman Chalisa group….later, we would have dinner at Chipotle before heading back home. YUMMMMMMY
Papa: “Kabir, aap Hanuman Chalisa book ke saath soona. Hanuman ji is your best friend, hain na? Woh tumhara dhyan rakhenge.”
Kabir: “Hanuman, book se out aa jao. Papa, Hanuman book se get out nahi ho rahe hain” 😛
Papa: “Beta, Hanuman ji agar book se baahar aa jayenge, tho humko dikhai nahi denge. Is liye book hain, ki hum dekh sake. Woh aapke saath hain, mere bachche. You have to talk with Hanuman ji. Aap unse baat karo aur bolo ki jab aap soo rahe ho, tab woh aapka aur Aseem ka dhyan rakhe. Woh tho aapke best friend hain!”
Kabir: “OK Papa”
Kabir holds the book in his hand and closes his eyes. I say the prayer and am about to leave the room, when he asks me to stay and lay down with him. Not wanting to push it the first day, I do. I watch the book fall out of his hand as he drifts into deep sleep. I place the book right next to his head and leave the room.
Later on that night, Aseem wakes-up crying. I wait for a few minutes to see if he would go back to sleep, but no such luck. I end-up going to their room and laying down between Kabir and Aseem. When I open my eyes, it is morning. :p

I hope Hanuman ji helps us help him transition to going to bed by himself.

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