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Papa, this is my favorite book! :)

July 16, 2013
Kabir and Aseem are enjoying their summer vacation. Their daycare is closed for this week. So, our morning routines are a leisurely affair, except brushing teeth. Last night, before Guriya and I went to bed, Kabir woke-up and walked-over to our bedroom to sleep in our bed. In the morning, Kabir and I were woken-up by Aseem standing next to our bed, playing drums on the mattress. We proceed to play in the play room. I helped Kabir with his morning ablutions, while Aseem entertained himself…watching us and creating a war zone in the play area. šŸ˜›
Next, I took Aseem into the bathroom. While I was helping him brush his teeth, Kabir walks in holding a book.
Kabir: “Papa, this is my favorite book.”
Papa: “Sachchi Kabir! This is my favorite book too!”
Kabir: “Let’s read it together, Papa.”
Both guapos fresh and ready to change into their “day clothes”, we sit on the floor in their play room and start reading our favorite book. šŸ™‚

Baby Bear was grumbly. He didn’t want to go to bed.
He didn’t want his bath, and he didn’t want to kiss him Mummy and Papa good night.

“Come on, grumbly bear,” said his Papa.
“A big bear kiss for Mummy, a big bear kiss for Papa, then bath and bed.”

“No,” said Baby Bear. But he slowly padded over to Mummy and gave her a big kiss anyway.

“Now what about a big bear kiss for me?” said Papa.

“No!” said Baby Bear. “No kiss for Papa.”

“Oh,” said Papa,
picking up Baby Bear and lifting him high.
“Well, how about a giraffe kiss instead?”

“Baby giraffes give their Papas long tall kisses, like this…”
“No!” said Baby Bear.
“No giraffe kiss for Papa.”

“Oh dear,” said Papa, carrying Baby Bear up the stairs.
“How about a koala kiss instead?”

“Baby koalas give their Papas cuddly, clingy kisses, like this…”
“No!” said Baby Bear. “No koala kiss for Papa!”

“Too bad,” said Papa, as he ran the bath.
“How about a crocodile kiss instead?”

“Baby crocodiles give their Papas snappy, watery kisses, like this…”
“No!” said Baby Bear. “No crocodile kiss for Papa!”

“Maybe that’s just as well,” said Papa, as he rubbed them both dry. “How about a bat kiss instead?”

“Baby bats give their Papas upside down kisses, like this…”
“No!” said Baby Bear. “No bat kiss for Papa!”

“That’s a shame,” said Papa, as he gave Baby Bear his toothbrush. “How about a tiger kiss instead?”

“Baby tigers give their Papas stripy, growly kisses, like this…”
“No!” growled Baby Bear. “No tiger kiss for Papa!”

“Never mind,” said Papa, as he helped Baby Bear with his pajamas. “How about a monkey kiss instead?”

“Baby monkeys give their Papas jumpy, wriggly kisses, like this…”
“No!” said Baby Bear, giggling. “No monkey kiss for Papa!”

“What a pity,” said Papa, as he pulled the blanket up to Baby Bear’s chin. “How about a mouse kiss instead?”

“Baby mice give their Papas tiny, whiskery kisses.”
“No!” squeaked Baby Bear. “No mouse kiss for Papa!”

Papa Bear shook his head sadly. “No kisses for Papa at all, then?” He sighed and started to walk away.
Papa!” cried Baby Bear.
“Yes?” said Papa Bear.

“I do have something for you.”
“What is it, Baby Bear?” asked his Papa.

“A big bear kiss-and a big bear hug, too!”

Kabir: “Papa, let’s read this book again with Aseem and Mummy.”
Papa: “Haanji beta, raat ko soone se pehle padhenge”
Kabir: “Haan, jab Mummy aa hospital se aa jayegi.”
Papa: “Haanji Kabir, haanji bolte hain.”
Kabir: “Haanji, Papa”

My day could not have gotten to a better start!

Guriya got this book as a gift for me. She says that this book illustrated all that I did with Kabir everyday. I read this book (and, this book) with Kabir for at least the following 18 months, if not more.
Reading books with Aseem, unfortunately, hasn’t become a routine yet…will work on it starting NOW. He much rather prefers the learning-by-tasting approach, right now.

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