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Christmas Parade in Costa Rica

Saturday, November 23, 2013
For the last few months, we almost always have Saturday brunch at the Organic Feria at Avenida Escazu, savoring the exquisite Ceviche or the very traditional pinto or cheese tortillas or omelettes alongside live music. What a rich life! Or, as they say in Espanol, Que rico me la tiro! ha ha ha 😉
Well, on one such Saturday, while strolling around, Guriya noticed the announcement for “Desfile Navideno”…Christmas Parade on Saturday, Nov 23rd. We shared it with family and friends, and decided to attend the event. We had a super amazing time. Here are the highlights:
1. Kabir got his face painted, unprompted. At first he wanted to be a acha (good) monster, but (to Guriya and my relief) changed his mind for a Superman. When he was getting his face painted, I suggested he add a moustache. Surprisingly he agreed and became my super handsome Desi Superman.
Desi Superman

2. During the parade, Mehul spotted Nicku on the other side of the road and ran over. Kabir was with me all this time, held aloft in my arms, so that he could see the parade. When he spotted Mehul on the other side of the street, he too wanted to go over. I initially said no, but when Guriya said yes, he quickly weaved his way between the dancers and joined his “best friend”..all before we could change our minds.
Kabir with Mehul and Nicku

3. It was then Aseem’s turn to sit on my shoulders and enjoy the music, and enjoy he did! He literally was jumping on my shoulders..if I had not been holding his legs, he would have jumped over. ha ha ha
Also, he sat in one place for probably the longest time in his young life, excluding sleeptime…but even sleeping he moves around all over the bed. :-p

4. When Mickey and Minnie reached us, our usually reserved Kabir, ran over and bear-hugged Mickey! (at 20:40 in the video)
He did not stop at Mickey…he showered just the same amount of love on Minnie and later on Mr. Potato Head and Buzz Lightyear!
Kabir with Mickey_BuzzLightyear IMG-20131123-WA0032

5. Kabir enjoyed the wonderful fireworks that lit up the sky for almost 10 mins. Less than a month ago, at the Diwali celebrations, he wasn’t too excited or happy about them.

6. I took an almost 30 minute video of the parade and of Kabir, Aseem and Priya enjoying it. Here it is – 2013 Christmas Parade in Costa Rica.

7. Guriya and I spent a wonderful evening together…running after Kabir and Aseem. We are exhausted now. Guriya is sleeping, and I am now going to join her.

Good night! Buenas noches! Shubh ratri!

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