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Kabir Goes Back to School Tomorrow

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Kabir will be back in school tomorrow, after a week of rest following his surgery. Last week, Guriya and I stayed home with him. This week, it was just him and I, and we had a wonderful time together. I also realized how much I miss spending time with Aseem. Here is an account of the fun couple of days.

Monday, Nov 25:
– Aseem woke-up early, tried to wake me up. I was slow to get out of bed, so he walked straight to the bathroom, climbed the stool, and was trying to reach his toothbrush when I walked-in. I handed him his toothbrush and watched him brush his teeth. He loves to brush his teeth!
Aseem brushing his teeth 20131125_064241

– Kabir and I went shopping for a pot, a birthday card and to print a birthday poster I had made for Guriya. I had bought a beautiful mini-rose plant for Guriya’s birthday, but never found the pot I wanted. So, Kabir and I headed to Sol Naciente. I did not find what I was looking for, so I bought one of the standard variety and decided to embellish it with stickers. :-p Pretty juvenile, I know. But, it would convey how much I love her.
Anyway, we also bought plastic garden border fencing for our micro-mini patch of garden in the backyard. On the way, we stopped at a nursery to buy mud. Once home, I put the garden fencing in place and also transported the rose plant into the pot. Kabir was a super helper! He helped me water the plants too.
Garden work with Kabir

– Later, we spent an hour in bed trying to get him to take a nap. He had his eyes closed for close to 40 mins, but did not sleep! He asked me this to get out of bed.

– In the evening, before going to school to get Aseem, we made Mango+Strawberry+Yogurt smoothie. Kabir loves to turn the knob on the mixer. 🙂 Thankfully, he loved the smoothie too and drank a full glass!
20131125_162410 Mango+Strawberry+Yogurt Smoothie

– After dinner, Kabir and Aseem had lots of fun with Mickey ears.
20131125_181333 20131125_185113

We could not find a birthday card at the one store we checked-out and we also did not get time to get the poster printed. They were left pending for Tuesday.

Tuesday, Nov 26:
– While having breakfast, Kabir reminded we that I had wanted to build a solar system model with him during his days home from school. However, I had checked a few DIY websites and did not find anything that Kabir could really do himself, so I proposed that we build snowmen using thermocol balls. Kabir loved the idea, and after dropping-off Aseem at school, we headed to El Rey to find the necessary items to build snowmen at home. The idea was to build one for each of his classmates and also for his teacher. They had sent a beautiful Get Well Soom & Miss You card for Kabir. Sadly, the store was out of thermocol balls, in exactly the sizes I wanted. 😦 We went to another store, but couldn’t find them. As I am writing this post, I am wondering if I should build a snowman with Kabir and Aseem using big thermocol balls for school. Will do this over the weekend with them! 🙂

– I had also promised Kabir to take him to the bookstore. Both, Kabir and I love spending time in a bookstore. We found a really nice book – The Cat in the Hat Beginner Dictionary. However, I am not sure how much this book will really help Kabir. He is above his grade-level. In fact, I look for books for him in the 5-7 years section at the bookstore. Lately though, Kabir is showing a love for numbers…saying “Papa, pata two plus two kya hota hain?”
Papa: Kya hota hain?
Kabir: Papa, two plus two makes four!
Papa: Kabir, two plus two makes?
Kabir: Two plus two makes four, Papa.
Kabir: Papa, what four plus four makes?
Papa: Eight
Kabir: Papa, what eight plus eight makes?
Papa: Sixteen
Kabir: Papa, what Sixteen plus Sixteen makes?
Papa: Thirty-two
Kabir: Papa, what Thirty-two plus Thirty-two makes?
Papa: Sixty-four
Kabir: Papa, what Sixty-four plus Sixty-four makes?
Papa: One Hundred and Twenty-eight. Kabir, do you want to learn to count?
Kabir: Yes Papa. I love to count!

Time to bring out the numbers puzzle game! 🙂

– Kabir and I have lunch at the mall food court, and he even eats avocado along with his meal of falafel balls with hummus. All this, I had agreed to get him donuts if he ate his lunch. So, of course, he enjoyed his donuts post-lunch. 🙂
Lunch - Falafel, Pita chips, Green rice 20131126_140542

– We got back home and today, I asked him to take a nap by himself. He lay in his bed for about 20 mins without sleeping and when I lay down with him, he said this. Another variation of what he said yesterday to get out of bed.

– Before going to get Aseem from school, we tried another smoothie. This time I wanted to sneak-in coconut water, so had Kabir watch Curious George while I readied the ingredients – papaya, coconut water and ginger. It turned-out a little too gingery. But, Kabir still drank half a glass! Success!

Wednesday is back-to-school day for Kabir and back-to-office day for me. 😦

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