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“Get Well Soon” wishes from Kabir’s school

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Friday, November 22, 2013
Mera beta Kabir underwent surgery on Wednesday, November 20, and was advised a week at home and a month of no strenuous physical activity.
When we would drop off Aseem at school everyday, Kabir’s teachers would share how much they and his classmates miss him. They would also mention that when Kabir returns to school, they and his friends are planning a lot of table activities instead of physical activities for a couple of weeks until Kabir gets back to doing normal physical activity. On Friday, when Guriya was at the school to pick-up Aseem, Kabir’s teacher handed her a card for Kabir. Kabir was super excited to receive it, and see the thumbprints of all his classmates inside the card. He was especially happy to see Maripaz “Sarameina”, Isabella Moreno, Daniel Vargas and Mateo’s thumbprints. They are his best friends at school. 🙂
We do very much appreciate the card and the love it conveys for Kabir from everybody at school. We know that when he starts school again, they will take appropriate care of him.

20131206_111630 20131206_111653 Get Well Soon wishes for Kabir

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Kabir’s 1st sleepover with his friends…Follow-up

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Early morning of December 06, 2013
I was half-dead with a fast-moving, debilitating case of cold and flu, one that had grown in intensity in less than 2 hours post-lunch. I was sleeping the moment I hit the bed…right after I posted the note about Kabir having left for his sleepover with Tanya and Mehul. At around 1:15 pm, Guriya got home and walked into the room with Kabir sleeping in her arms. I opened my eyes, still half-asleep, looked at her, and noticed Kabir. “Kya hua?”, I asked.
Guriya: “Tumhara beta bol raha tha, ‘Mujhe mereke Papa ke saath soona hain'”
(“Your son was saying, ‘I want to sleep with my Papa'”)
I could barely breathe OK, but I felt the most wonderful sensation I had felt all day!
Guriya had to go get Kabir from their house, since he was fighting-off sleep and saying he wanted to sleep with me. Mera beta! 🙂

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Kabir’s 1st sleepover with his friends :) …without his Papa-Mummy :(

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Night of December 05, 2013:
It is late night of 12/05, early morning of 12/06, and Kabir left for his sleepover with Tanya & Mehul a few hours ago. I am already missing him. 😦
Guriya and I are however very glad that his first sleepover is with Tanya and Mehul. We adore both of them and are in awe of how innocent but smart, intelligent but humble, kind, generous, obedient, respectful, caring, and loving both are and hope Kabir and Aseem will turn out to be equally good. Good role models – Tanya and Mehul and their parents!

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Bathtime for Kabir & Aseem

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We stopped using the bathtub for Aseem many months ago…almost a year now, primarily because we normally give both, Kabir and Aseem a bath together, and it was getting difficult to fit both together in the bathtub. Bechara Aseem…he did not get enough time to enjoy the pleasures of a bathtub. We still have the bathtub at home though, for Priya, when she visits. Here is the last time Aseem had the bathtub to himself…back in July 2013.

This post is about their recent bathtime.
We have a folding stool that Aseem normally sits on during bathtime. Kabir normally stands or sits on the floor.
Both love to play with soft bath toys, especially when holding them under running water.
Playtime with bathroom toys

Both love to get a quick oil massage near the end of their bathtime. They then get a splash of water to remove any excess oil from their skins.
Getting out of the bathroom is another ritual 😛
Kabir & Aseem - Bathtime

Usually, Kabir wants to stay in the bathroom and have me take Aseem out and get him ready first, before coming back to get him. Of course, if Guriya is in the house, our guapos demand that she get them from the bathroom. Papa does not get that privilege.
When I take Kabir out of the bathroom, I stand in front of the mirror, with him in my arms, cheek-to-cheek and say, “Papa aur Papa ki jaan” to which, he will reply: “No Papa. (Pointing to my reflection in the mirror) yeh Mummy hain, aur (pointing to his own reflection) yeh Aseem hain” He will then giggle away. With Aseem, I say, “Papa aur Papa ka googly eyes”

Kabir loves to play dress up with the towel. He pretends to be many personalities, but his favorites are, a knight or a princess (yes, not a prince)!
Kabir Kabir - Princess pose

Oh, what delight these bathtimes are!
It is not always so delightful though. 😛 I have to constantly exhort them to first bathe and then play with their bath toys. This sometimes leads to meltdowns…both theirs and mine. But, without these moments, bathtimes wouldn’t be so memorable. 🙂

Here is a recording from September 2012 of Kabir’s bathtime.

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Aseem’s Big Bus

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Sunday, November 17, 2013
Today is Guriya’s birthday!
I was up early and was reading the news, when I heard faint noises coming from Kabir and Aseem’s bedroom. I entered to see Aseem getting down from his bed all bleary eyed. I sat down and spread my arms for him to give me a hug, only for him to push my arms aside and walk into the game room looking for and saying out loud, guess what…yes, his big bus! 🙂
He did not find it in the game room, remembered that he had left it on the sofa downstairs the previous night, so pointed towards the staircase, pulled me towards it, saying, “big bus, Papa”
Here is how he greeted his BIG YELLOW BUS, when we found it.

Big bus is Aseem’s current obsession. It started about a week ago when Guriya got him a yellow school bus toy. Now, Aseem spots a “big bus” everywhere..a truck, a car, a motorcycle…everything is a big bus. 🙂
Yesterday evening, we celebrated Guriya’s birthday eve with a dinner with the Manchandas, at Terraza Toscana at Avenida Escazu. Kabir and Aseem always have a great time with Tanya and Mehul. Last night was no exception. All four of them had a ton of fun playing near the water fountains. On our way back home, Aseem spotted at least 30 big buses!m 🙂

A “Big Bus”-themed birthday party is coming-up in January! 🙂

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