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Aseem’s Big Bus

Sunday, November 17, 2013
Today is Guriya’s birthday!
I was up early and was reading the news, when I heard faint noises coming from Kabir and Aseem’s bedroom. I entered to see Aseem getting down from his bed all bleary eyed. I sat down and spread my arms for him to give me a hug, only for him to push my arms aside and walk into the game room looking for and saying out loud, guess what…yes, his big bus! 🙂
He did not find it in the game room, remembered that he had left it on the sofa downstairs the previous night, so pointed towards the staircase, pulled me towards it, saying, “big bus, Papa”
Here is how he greeted his BIG YELLOW BUS, when we found it.

Big bus is Aseem’s current obsession. It started about a week ago when Guriya got him a yellow school bus toy. Now, Aseem spots a “big bus” everywhere..a truck, a car, a motorcycle…everything is a big bus. 🙂
Yesterday evening, we celebrated Guriya’s birthday eve with a dinner with the Manchandas, at Terraza Toscana at Avenida Escazu. Kabir and Aseem always have a great time with Tanya and Mehul. Last night was no exception. All four of them had a ton of fun playing near the water fountains. On our way back home, Aseem spotted at least 30 big buses!m 🙂

A “Big Bus”-themed birthday party is coming-up in January! 🙂

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