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“Get Well Soon” wishes from Kabir’s school

Friday, November 22, 2013
Mera beta Kabir underwent surgery on Wednesday, November 20, and was advised a week at home and a month of no strenuous physical activity.
When we would drop off Aseem at school everyday, Kabir’s teachers would share how much they and his classmates miss him. They would also mention that when Kabir returns to school, they and his friends are planning a lot of table activities instead of physical activities for a couple of weeks until Kabir gets back to doing normal physical activity. On Friday, when Guriya was at the school to pick-up Aseem, Kabir’s teacher handed her a card for Kabir. Kabir was super excited to receive it, and see the thumbprints of all his classmates inside the card. He was especially happy to see Maripaz “Sarameina”, Isabella Moreno, Daniel Vargas and Mateo’s thumbprints. They are his best friends at school. 🙂
We do very much appreciate the card and the love it conveys for Kabir from everybody at school. We know that when he starts school again, they will take appropriate care of him.

20131206_111630 20131206_111653 Get Well Soon wishes for Kabir

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