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Aseem’s ‘Big Bus’ Birthday Preperations

Aseem, my GOOGLY EYES & Guriya’s MACHILLO, turned 2 on January 24, 2014.
By sheer force of his cute and charming personality, he has won hearts of one and all.
Why enunciate anything clearly, when you can repeat ‘wawawawa’ for watermelon, with a winsome smile and supreme confidence πŸ™‚ every time;
when you wake-up every morning and ask for ‘Babee’ (Kabir) before saying anything else;
when you wake-up with a smile every day, regardless of whether you were stirred out of your slumber or not (I am particularly envious of this one);
when you ‘waddle’ run like a penguin with arms flying all over;
when you say ‘no Papa’ with such love to every one, before realizing that it is Mummy or Bhua or Masi or Kabir or Priya or anyone else and then rephrasing;
when you want to eat and drink everything by yourself, demanding that the glass/plate be placed ‘idha’ (here), pointing in front of you (This is a huge inconvenience when something inevitably spills on the floor right before I am ready to leave for work and drop Kabir & Aseem off at school);
when you eat anything and everything that is placed in front of you…with very few exceptions like avocado and raw onion. Guriya and I appreciate his eating habits/choices more than anything else, since we are still feeding Kabir even though he is the cleanest and most proper 3 yr old eater I have seen…he has always been. Aseem is a messy eater, but probably normal for a 2 yr old.
So, a few months before my guapo googly eyes turned 2, Guriya and I were looking for a birthday theme. We wanted to make it special, especially feeling a little guilty that we don’t have as many photo books or good videos of Aseem as we have for Kabir…2nd child phenomenon πŸ˜› We settled on a BIG BUS theme, since Aseem would point to any moderately big vehicle and shout ‘BIIIG BUS’ πŸ™‚ I scoured pinterest and various blogs for ideas, and found plenty of inspiration. We initially wanted to rent a big yellow school bus and give all the kids a ride around town and a photo session at the wheel, before the birthday party began. However, we eventually dropped the plan in favor of building a school bus photo booth for the party. I really wanted to do/build something myself, rather than buy/rent it, hoping that he would appreciate it much more when he grows up. This is the story of that school bus photo booth and other prep work we all did before the party day, Jan 18, 2014. Yes, we celebrated a week early because Ritu and Nakul were going to be here a week early, but not staying until the 24th.
Sunday, Dec 29, 2013:
After procrastinating for a good couple of weeks, the Sharma family headed to the local hardware store (El Lagar) to buy plywood. We got a 4′ x 8′ piece of plywood, rented a pick-up truck to have it hauled home, and drew the bus on it that night.
Tuesday, Dec 31, 2014:
I did not have a circular saw, nor did anyone I knew, so we hired a carpenter to cut out the windows. I then went to work with several grades of sand paper to dull any sharp edge.
Saturday, Jan 04, 2014:DSC_1424
I went and bought all the paint supplies and applied one coat of primer.
Yellow, black, gray, red & white
Sunday, Jan 05, 2014:
I applied a second coat of primer in the morning, put the painter’s tape to mark the boundaries and started with the yellow paint, before the Manchandas came over to participate in the fun! All four kids had a great time pulling each other in the wagon, while the adults painted the bus. We all had a fun-filled day.
DSC_1455 DSC_1459 DSC_1460
Tuesday, Jan 07, 2014:IMG-20140107-SheenaBigBusInvitation
Unbeknownst to Guriya and I, Sheena had been spending a few days fine-tuning an e-card she had prepared by adding photos of Kabir and Aseem on a bus image. I was already working with a illustrator/designer colleague from work to prepare an invitation card, but she got really sick and couldn’t finish it. Sheena worked hard to prepare this e-card, which we had only seen as a fun collage. :-p Thank you, Sheena!
Thursday, Jan 09, 2014:AseemBirthdayPoster
I had prepared a Mickey Mouse themed birthday poster for Kabir for his 3rd birthday and decided to do something similar for Aseem. The initial plan was to list Aseem’s ‘extensive’ vocabulary :-p but while working on it, I realized how ‘limiting’ that would be! ha ha ha I therefore decided to just write Aseem’s favorite phrase – NO PAPA πŸ™‚
Friday, Jan 10, 2014:Sam_BDayBus_02 Sam_BDayBus_03 Sam_BDayBus_01
Aseem’s Nanu-Nani had bought a school bus shaped desk/chair/play thing to further his BIG BUS craze. πŸ™‚ Sam was put to work during his hibernation time ;-p to put it together. He did a masterful job. You are quite a handyman, Sam! Thank you!

Since my colleague could not work on the invitation card, I put my amateur skills to work and designed this card in pixlr.AseemBirthdayInvitation

In the interim, Kabir hurt his forehead in a restaurant and had to get 2 stitches. He was eager to help too, and helped me take-off the painter’s tape before I started round 2 of the paint job.
Saturday, Jan 11, 2014:
Round two started early with me applying a second coat of the yellow paint and later Munish, Gunjan, Tanya & Mehul again joined Guriya and I to finish painting the bus. We finished everything except the details around the edges and the stop sign.
Sunday, Jan 12, 2014:Pinata
I painted the details on the bus and had it almost ready, except for a few minor details which I finished during the week.
Monday, Jan 13, 2014:
Radha got a BIG BUS pinata ready for the party.
Friday, Jan 17, 2014:
Ritu and Nakul arrived in Costa Rica and promptly took a ride in the BIG BUS! πŸ™‚
The BIG BUS was ready for the party! πŸ™‚

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