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Living the Costa Rican Dream

Friday, March 28, 2014
Today, we jumped on the mortgage payment treadmill again, after a gap of exactly 1 year.
Putting down our roots here in Costa Rica is an ongoing process, and buying a plot of land to build our house makes it even more real and tangible. Yes, we did it! We are now “owners” of a beautiful piece of land with amazing views of mountains and windmills.
Securing a loan in Costa Rica is though an exercise that stretches you to your limits of sanity, with demands of every imaginable piece of document. It is a very opaque process, like it is anywhere in the world. Anyway, we took the plunge with Scotia Bank, but hope to sever our relationship with them, aka pay off the loan, as soon as possible. 🙂
We just need an excuse to go see our plot of land, and have taken along family and friends on many such trips. Our most recent guests were Papaji and Mummyji. Of course they loved it! Even a peacock, India’s national bird, came out to welcome us.

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