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Kabir & Aseem’s new look!

Saturday, April 05, 2014:
Kabir’s hair growth in his infancy were very painfully slow…similar to the phase Aseem is in now. But, when his hair follicles opened-up, hair sprouted forth with amazing intensity and speed. I had always been a proponent of a sleek, short, smart, classic haircut, and had wanted the same for Kabir. However, his tiny head/face looked tinier with a light mop of hair. Guriya however, always professed a love for trendy long hair for kids and wanted the same for Kabir. When we eventually let his hair grow unhindered by scissors or shears, I started loving this look too. Lately though, Kabir had been complaining of his hair coming into his eyes when wet, so we decided to get him a little trim. This went on for over 3 weeks. When we finally ventured into the hair salon, I, on a whim, mentioned to Guriya that maybe we should get him a close cropped cut. She gave me a look, but when the hairstylist also suggested the same, she halfheartedly agreed.
Aseem of course loved the process. But, it was as painful for us, as it was for Kabir.

IMG-20140405-WA0006 20140405_152244
He does not look any less handsome, but we had started to love his long hair, and probably he picked-up on our vibe and expressed his displeasure too.
Aseem badly needed a trim of the handful 😛 of unruly hair he had. Kabir set the trend, that Aseem followed and came out looking golden!
Here is the end result of the brothers, at a restaurant after the transformation. 🙂
Mis guapos!


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