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Kabir’s 1st Movie in a Cinema Hall – Disney’s Aviones/Planes

Date: September 29, 2013
Time: 06:45 pm
Location: Cinemark @ Multiplaza Escazu (Costa Rica)
Movie: Disney’s Aviones (Planes) dubbed in Espanol

Kabir had been enjoying watching Nemo at home for a few months now, but would never sit through the full movie. Lately though, he watched A Bug’s Life on DVD in full twice over the course of two weeks. This got Guriya thinking that he is probably ready for a trip to the cinema hall. And, Guriya being Guriya, she planned for this grand event in Kabir’s young life and a lifelong memory to be with me. Kabir is equally special for both of us, and only I can understand the magnitude of her sacrifice. A simple Thank You will never be enough, but, Thank You, jaan.

It was thrilling and memorable not just because I was watching a movie in a cinema hall with my son for the first time, but also because the movie was in Spanish when neither of us spoke or understood a whole lot. Kabir however, assumed he understood more than me and very helpfully related to me what was happening in the movie a few times. I had a satisfying time, knowing that Kabir was enjoying the movie. After the movie, I treated him to ice cream topped with marshmallows! Looking forward to watching more fun movies with both Kabir and Aseem and Guriya!

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