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Aseem & Priya’s First Movie in a Cinema Hall – Rio 2

Date: Friday, April 17, 2014
Time: 09:45 pm
Location: Cinemark @ Multiplaza Escazu (Costa Rica)
Movie: Rio 2

Rio 2 was going to be Aseem and Priya’s first movie in a cinema hall and no less than a 3-D version with glasses!! A momentous occasion for the family to introduce the two youngest members of the family to cinema halls. We found the only slot that was showing this movie in English, despite it being a late night show. There were about 20 people in the audience, including us 13 – Kabir, Aseem, Priya and their Dadi and Nanu-Nani, Sheena, Adolfo, Radha, Mehul, Tanya, Guriya and I!
We all settled-in the seats with booster seats (double booster seats for Priya and Aseem :-P) for Kabir and Mehul, with “tubs” of popcorn, well before the movie began. But, when it did begin, to our surprise, it was in Spanish. Sheena, Guriya and another lady in the audience were soon at the ticket counters demanding an explanation. When the representative finally came-in to talk to the audience and apologize for the goof-up, he offered a full refund or a 40 min wait for them to switch to the English version. We, of course decided to wait for the extra 40 mins, for it is not easy to coordinate plans for everybody. Sheena also negotiated a free refill for the popcorn and drinks, and free tickets for another show during the next 30 days!
When the movie finally started, the kids were thankfully, in fine fettle and gamely put-on their 3-D glasses. Kabir was super curious and intermittently took a peek without his glasses. We all had expected Priya to sleep for it was very late, but surprise surprise!, she was not just awake all through the movie, but applauded loudly at some inappropriate moments in the movie… ha ha ha. Oh! the innocence of babies. 🙂 Who did sleep towards the end of the movie was Aseem and Radha loved holding him in her arms.
Everybody enjoyed the movie and had a wonderful time!

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