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First Day of School in 2016

Today (February 08) is a very important day for Guriya and I.  My google eyes, Aseem, starts ‘big boy’ school today!  He joins his brother, Kabir, who is setting a high benchmark for Aseem to emulate…even raise the bar for their younger cousins – Mira, Ianko & Samir.  They themselves have excellent examples in Tanya & Mehul, to follow at school.  Knowing that Tanya and Mehul are there, calms our anxieties.  Another blessing is that Aseem will have the same class teacher that Kabir had last year.  Teacher Daniela is the kind of teacher we wish every child should be blessed with.

Aseem starts in Pre-kinder (section B), and Kabir progresses to Preparatorio (section B)

School starts early – 7am, and the plan is for me to drop them off in the morning, which means a 6am start from home, considering the traffic. 😦  Aseem’s classes end at 11:30am, after which he stays in the play/day-care (tallercito) at school until Kabir finishes classes at 1pm.  Every Tues, Wed & Thurs, Kabir joins the after-school program activities.  Tues – Playing & Learning; Wed – Boy Scouts; Thurs – Music.  On those days, school ends at 3:05pm.  They then get on the school bus to get back home.

Here starts the exciting, challenging and fun journey for our beloved boys to getting a formal education, realizing their dreams of becoming scientists, astronauts, artists, photographers, teachers, marine biologists, tennis players and much more.  Long walk to the actual graduation!  Here is a video of Kabir and Aseem walking to the classroom on their first day of school!

Education never ends, and we sincerely pray, wish and hope that our boys grow-up to be kind, generous, courteous, charming, fun, joyous, successful and honorable gentlemen.

We are so proud of Kabir and Aseem.


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