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Karma, Redemption & Responsibility Lesson

Kabir’s reluctance to get out of bed each morning, reminds me of myself.  It seems like payback time for all the grief I gave Papaji and Mummyji when I was a young boy. Karma ha ha ha!

School for K&A starts at 7:00 am and with the awful traffic we have to navigate to get to school, we should hit the road no later than 6:10 am.  Wake-up time should ideally be 5:10 am, to allow for enough time for morning ablutions, dressing-up, packing lunch, and eating breakfast.  The struggle to hit that time continues. 🙂  However, it was getting worse, with K&A not getting to school until after 7:15 am.  After about a weeks worth of late entries to class, we received (on March 07) what I had been dreading all along – an email from Kabir’s class teacher. 😦 Teacher Maria Laura very kindly reminded us of the school schedule and requested assistance in complying with it.  Ouch!  That got us trying different tactics such as getting as much ready as possible before going to bed the night before – lunch, snacks, clothes, shoes, bag, etc.  The following day, we were in school at 6:40 am.  Victory!

Now, to continue the trend is another story.  It has been good so far, but sometimes, in haste, K&A forget forks/spoons or their water bottles.  Both remind me of it in the evening.  I feel guilty, but taking advantage of the situation in helping them learn responsibility, K&A have agreed to prepare a checklist that we would paste near the exit or in the kitchen, and before they go sit in the car, ensure that everything on the list is checked-off.  I am hoping we can prepare the checklist this weekend!

You may have noticed that Aseem doesn’t even get a proper mention in this post.  That’s because he is so efficient when it comes to eating, sleeping, waking-up, and getting ready for school.  I wish I was like that growing-up.  I wish some of that efficiency would infect Kabir.  Enough of my karma coming back to haunt me….please bhagwan! 🙂


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