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Good News!

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

My dear friend Deepika called earlier today to share the news of her pregnancy. Heartiest congratulations dear Gaurav and Deepika. We are very happy for you, and excited to share this experience…as Deepika put it, “…hitting another milestone together.” Guriya and you will deliver a couple of months apart. We should definitely get together before you beautiful ladies go into labor.
Exciting time ahead!

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2009 – Flashback

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

2007 made me a husband.
2008 made us (Guriya and I) understand the real meaning of marriage.
2009 made me a home-owner and a to-be papa.
2010 will make me a papa and Guriya a mummy!
2010 will also make my parents, dada-dadi, Guriya’s parents, nana-nani, Ritu a bhua, Radha & Sheena a masi, Adolfo a tio (he doesn’t like how mausa sounds ;-p)!!
What a wonderful year we have ahead of us!

Back to 2009.
Everything (happiness & sadness) has a reason, and one savors happy moments more if one has been through sad times. My belief is – “Remember the sad times, but don’t dwell on them. Focus on the good & happy.”
So, here goes the list of happy times (in 2009) I am thankful for.

  • Healthy family members & friends.
  • Guriya and I truly becoming one. The year brought a reassuring stability to our relationship.
  • Making our house a home. As the popular ad (at least from a few years ago)…
    Rent an apartment -$875
    Buy a house – $290,000
    Make it a home with family – Priceless

    Doing things around the house with Papaji and Mummyji was a blessing I wish for every son. We did everything from hanging mirrors/paintings on the walls, hardware shopping, gardening, painting the patio, putting together furniture and much more. Guriya and Mummyji organized the kitchen. Hanging the curtains was a family affair with everybody contributing. [photos]

  • Stable jobs for Guriya and I. The economy was in doldrums and a number of our close friends lost their jobs, which made us appreciate our stable jobs even more.
  • Guriya’s pregnancy. Best news of the year.
  • Announcing the pregnancy news to our parents in-person. Guriya had been praying for months to be able to share the pregnancy news with our parents in person, not over the phone. God granted her this wish.
  • Sheena-Adolfo’s wedding. They got engaged a few days after our marriage in April 2007, and finally became a man & wife on April 25, 2009. [photos]
  • Radha starting her pediatrics residency. This smart lady cleared the board exams at the first attempt, right after finishing her internship and will soon become a wonderful pediatrician.
  • Subbu-Sushma. Gargi was born. They also bought a beautiful house.  Gargi just turned one! [photo]

I look forward to another fantastic year full of happiness and love.

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