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First Day of School in 2016

February 8, 2016 Leave a comment

Today (February 08) is a very important day for Guriya and I.  My google eyes, Aseem, starts ‘big boy’ school today!  He joins his brother, Kabir, who is setting a high benchmark for Aseem to emulate…even raise the bar for their younger cousins – Mira, Ianko & Samir.  They themselves have excellent examples in Tanya & Mehul, to follow at school.  Knowing that Tanya and Mehul are there, calms our anxieties.  Another blessing is that Aseem will have the same class teacher that Kabir had last year.  Teacher Daniela is the kind of teacher we wish every child should be blessed with.

Aseem starts in Pre-kinder (section B), and Kabir progresses to Preparatorio (section B)

School starts early – 7am, and the plan is for me to drop them off in the morning, which means a 6am start from home, considering the traffic. 😦  Aseem’s classes end at 11:30am, after which he stays in the play/day-care (tallercito) at school until Kabir finishes classes at 1pm.  Every Tues, Wed & Thurs, Kabir joins the after-school program activities.  Tues – Playing & Learning; Wed – Boy Scouts; Thurs – Music.  On those days, school ends at 3:05pm.  They then get on the school bus to get back home.

Here starts the exciting, challenging and fun journey for our beloved boys to getting a formal education, realizing their dreams of becoming scientists, astronauts, artists, photographers, teachers, marine biologists, tennis players and much more.  Long walk to the actual graduation!  Here is a video of Kabir and Aseem walking to the classroom on their first day of school!

Education never ends, and we sincerely pray, wish and hope that our boys grow-up to be kind, generous, courteous, charming, fun, joyous, successful and honorable gentlemen.

We are so proud of Kabir and Aseem.


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Papa, this is my favorite book! :)

July 17, 2013 Leave a comment

July 16, 2013
Kabir and Aseem are enjoying their summer vacation. Their daycare is closed for this week. So, our morning routines are a leisurely affair, except brushing teeth. Last night, before Guriya and I went to bed, Kabir woke-up and walked-over to our bedroom to sleep in our bed. In the morning, Kabir and I were woken-up by Aseem standing next to our bed, playing drums on the mattress. We proceed to play in the play room. I helped Kabir with his morning ablutions, while Aseem entertained himself…watching us and creating a war zone in the play area. 😛
Next, I took Aseem into the bathroom. While I was helping him brush his teeth, Kabir walks in holding a book.
Kabir: “Papa, this is my favorite book.”
Papa: “Sachchi Kabir! This is my favorite book too!”
Kabir: “Let’s read it together, Papa.”
Both guapos fresh and ready to change into their “day clothes”, we sit on the floor in their play room and start reading our favorite book. 🙂

Baby Bear was grumbly. He didn’t want to go to bed.
He didn’t want his bath, and he didn’t want to kiss him Mummy and Papa good night.

“Come on, grumbly bear,” said his Papa.
“A big bear kiss for Mummy, a big bear kiss for Papa, then bath and bed.”

“No,” said Baby Bear. But he slowly padded over to Mummy and gave her a big kiss anyway.

“Now what about a big bear kiss for me?” said Papa.

“No!” said Baby Bear. “No kiss for Papa.”

“Oh,” said Papa,
picking up Baby Bear and lifting him high.
“Well, how about a giraffe kiss instead?”

“Baby giraffes give their Papas long tall kisses, like this…”
“No!” said Baby Bear.
“No giraffe kiss for Papa.”

“Oh dear,” said Papa, carrying Baby Bear up the stairs.
“How about a koala kiss instead?”

“Baby koalas give their Papas cuddly, clingy kisses, like this…”
“No!” said Baby Bear. “No koala kiss for Papa!”

“Too bad,” said Papa, as he ran the bath.
“How about a crocodile kiss instead?”

“Baby crocodiles give their Papas snappy, watery kisses, like this…”
“No!” said Baby Bear. “No crocodile kiss for Papa!”

“Maybe that’s just as well,” said Papa, as he rubbed them both dry. “How about a bat kiss instead?”

“Baby bats give their Papas upside down kisses, like this…”
“No!” said Baby Bear. “No bat kiss for Papa!”

“That’s a shame,” said Papa, as he gave Baby Bear his toothbrush. “How about a tiger kiss instead?”

“Baby tigers give their Papas stripy, growly kisses, like this…”
“No!” growled Baby Bear. “No tiger kiss for Papa!”

“Never mind,” said Papa, as he helped Baby Bear with his pajamas. “How about a monkey kiss instead?”

“Baby monkeys give their Papas jumpy, wriggly kisses, like this…”
“No!” said Baby Bear, giggling. “No monkey kiss for Papa!”

“What a pity,” said Papa, as he pulled the blanket up to Baby Bear’s chin. “How about a mouse kiss instead?”

“Baby mice give their Papas tiny, whiskery kisses.”
“No!” squeaked Baby Bear. “No mouse kiss for Papa!”

Papa Bear shook his head sadly. “No kisses for Papa at all, then?” He sighed and started to walk away.
Papa!” cried Baby Bear.
“Yes?” said Papa Bear.

“I do have something for you.”
“What is it, Baby Bear?” asked his Papa.

“A big bear kiss-and a big bear hug, too!”

Kabir: “Papa, let’s read this book again with Aseem and Mummy.”
Papa: “Haanji beta, raat ko soone se pehle padhenge”
Kabir: “Haan, jab Mummy aa hospital se aa jayegi.”
Papa: “Haanji Kabir, haanji bolte hain.”
Kabir: “Haanji, Papa”

My day could not have gotten to a better start!

Guriya got this book as a gift for me. She says that this book illustrated all that I did with Kabir everyday. I read this book (and, this book) with Kabir for at least the following 18 months, if not more.
Reading books with Aseem, unfortunately, hasn’t become a routine yet…will work on it starting NOW. He much rather prefers the learning-by-tasting approach, right now.

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That Stupid Dream

June 21, 2013 Leave a comment

June 18, 2013:
Back in April, I had written about Kabir’s 1st verbalized dream. Since then, he has moved out of our bed and back into his room with Aseem, sleeping on the two toddler beds joined together. But, Guriya or I still have to be with him until he drifts into deep sleep. We are trying to transition him out of this phase and start to go to bed independently…so far, with slim success. Earlier this week when I broached this topic with him, and suggested that he go to bed with Aseem, he again related his dream to me, saying, “Papa, main darr jaata hu jab uncle aate hain.” I had so hoped that he would forget about this dream, but….
I tried reasoning with him that all the doors and windows are closed and nobody can enter the house or his room. Also, that I will be in the next room, and if he is scared, he can call for me. Nothing worked. Finally, I asked him to sleep with his Hanuman Chalisa book, since Kabir always counts Hanuman as his best friend! Kabir and I used to go to the mandir every Tuesday evening to participate in the Hanuman Chalisa group….later, we would have dinner at Chipotle before heading back home. YUMMMMMMY
Papa: “Kabir, aap Hanuman Chalisa book ke saath soona. Hanuman ji is your best friend, hain na? Woh tumhara dhyan rakhenge.”
Kabir: “Hanuman, book se out aa jao. Papa, Hanuman book se get out nahi ho rahe hain” 😛
Papa: “Beta, Hanuman ji agar book se baahar aa jayenge, tho humko dikhai nahi denge. Is liye book hain, ki hum dekh sake. Woh aapke saath hain, mere bachche. You have to talk with Hanuman ji. Aap unse baat karo aur bolo ki jab aap soo rahe ho, tab woh aapka aur Aseem ka dhyan rakhe. Woh tho aapke best friend hain!”
Kabir: “OK Papa”
Kabir holds the book in his hand and closes his eyes. I say the prayer and am about to leave the room, when he asks me to stay and lay down with him. Not wanting to push it the first day, I do. I watch the book fall out of his hand as he drifts into deep sleep. I place the book right next to his head and leave the room.
Later on that night, Aseem wakes-up crying. I wait for a few minutes to see if he would go back to sleep, but no such luck. I end-up going to their room and laying down between Kabir and Aseem. When I open my eyes, it is morning. :p

I hope Hanuman ji helps us help him transition to going to bed by himself.

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Samajhdar bada bhai

June 21, 2013 Leave a comment

June 18, 2013
Guirya was doing night duty at the hospital, and I was home with the kids after school. We had taken an evening stroll and now it was time for dinner. Now, nobody in my family is as excited as Aseem is at the sight of anything edible…let alone a tasty meal cooked by me! 😉 So, here I am trying to get dinner plates ready for both Kabir and Aseem. Aseem is so eager to start eating that he is using the full range of his vocabulary to convey this to me. Finally, I get the dinner on the table and am feeding them both. Yes, Kabir has to be fed too, unless it is dahi or pinto or bread or milk or a handful of other dishes…sigh! Anyway, I got distracted for a minute talking with Kabir and Aseem started crying, for he had to sit idle for that time after having finished his last mouthful of food.
Papa: “Aseem, beta, de rahe hain Papa, khana.”
Kabir chimes-in with this: “Papa, I think Aseem Mummy ko miss kar raha hain, is liye cry kar raha hain.” He then turns to Aseem and says, “Aseem, Mummy hospital mein kaam kar rahi hain. Rona nahi.”

That’s my samajhdar guapo…always like this, except when he is the one missing Mummy. ha ha ha

BTW, Aseem did not like the chana daal I had cooked earlier that day. My Fav!

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Kabir – Our sure-shot sleep inducer

June 19, 2013 Leave a comment

June 18, 2013: Kabir turned 3 nine days ago. Over these 3 years, he has transitioned from sleeping in the crib to his own bed, from diapers to ‘big boy’ underwears, from baby food to solids, from scooting to crawling to walking to running, from being the center of everybody’s attention to a doting big brother showering Aseem with attention and love, and many many more milestones. But, one thing that has not changed is him wanting either Guriya or I with him in bed when he goes to sleep. And, that has almost always meant, us drifting into deep sleep and waking-up the next morning thinking about all the things left unaccomplished the previous night. Lately though, Guriya and I have not been very happy with this practice, and have been thinking of ways to get him to go to bed all by himself. He loves to snuggle-up to Aseem like he never does with me. With Guriya though, he clings to her with not an inch of space between them before he sleeps. We think he likes to feel that he is not alone and now that we have transitioned Aseem to a toddler bed too, Kabir can touch him and feel secure while he sleeps. He still insists that either Guriya or I get in bed with him because Aseem is asleep by the time Kabir is ready for bedtime.
Kabir has heard Guriya and I talk about trying to get him to go to bed with Aseem, and without either of us, but never commented on it. Until today morning. Last night, Guriya had tucked-in Aseem while I got Kabir ready for bed. I led him to his bedroom and helped him to the bed with Aseem and Guriya. Kabir wanted to sleep with his mummy. I was about to leave the room, when Guriya and Kabir ask me to stay. I lay on the bed and sure enough both Guriya and I fell asleep right there with our boys. Today, Kabir woke-up a little around 5:40am, just as Guriya was getting ready to leave for work, and I was getting breakfast ready for her. He calls for us from upstairs and greets us with the cutest good morning. He is still sleepy and lays down on the sofa. When Guriya is ready to leave he gives her a big kiss and waves…asks her once to not go, but understands that she has to go because there are sick people at the hospital who are waiting for mummy to come and get them better. 🙂
After Guriya leaves, I sit down with Kabir and am about to talk about how we want him to go to bed at night by himself, when he says the following (audio recording):

Basically, he said that he will go to bed with Aseem, and that I should put-on the “lamb-i didi” video (HoMedics Sound Machine this was a gift from Sheena when Kabir was a few months old. We have used it since and Kabir loves it!) for him. I should them sleep with Guriya in our bed. And, he would wake-up in the morning and wish us good morning!
Guriya and I cannot wait to reclaim our late-evenings. 🙂

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Too good to be true…but, TRUE!

April 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Last night.
Kabir and I took a shower together and I had just finished dressing-up Kabir in his night clothes. I was picking-up the towels to go hang them on the line, when I was singing my favorite jingle – the one I often sing with my sons. It goes like this:

Papa ke do pyaare bachche
Ek Kabir aur ek Aseem

Kabir joins me and then acts out the “do” (2) part of the jingle by flipping his index finger and saying “ek” and subsequently flipping the middle finger and saying “do”. He repeats that with his other hand. Then his did what amazed me. He matched the fingers on both hands and exclaimed, “Papa, look match match”. A second later, he says, “Papa look. A diamond”
I couldn’t be prouder. 🙂Kabir_Diamond

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Durga Mata’s Birthday

April 18, 2013 Leave a comment

Every morning during breakfast, Kabir and Aseem watch Sesame Street’s alphabet videos. For a change, today (April 18, 2013), I told Kabir and Aseem that it was Durga Mata’s birthday today and that we should watch a few bhajans. I played the “Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hain, Mata Ne Bulaya Hain” by Narender Chanchal on YouTube and encouraged him to sing along “Jai Mata Di” to wish Durga Happy Birthday. I showed him the Vaishno Devi photo and told him, “Durga Mata yaha rehti hain”
Kabir: Papa, chalo waha jaate hain.
Papa: Beta, woh tho bahut door hain. Hum abhi nahi jaa sakte. Hopefully, soon.
K: Kyu Papa?
P: Kyuki Durga Mata ka ghar India mein hain.
K: Hum airplane mein jaa sakte hain, Papa.
P: I know beta, but humko tickets bhi leni hain.
K: Mere white airplane mein chalte hain Papa. Aap aur Aseem usme baith jaana.
(He is almost giddy with happiness and is giggling)
K: Main sabko apne airplane mein le jaunga. Nanu-Nani, Radha masi, Ruchi bhua, Dadu-Dadi…sabko.
P: Jaldi jayenge beta. Sab ko le kar jayenge.

Aaah! The bliss of childhood and the fantastically simple solution to every problem. I wish everything was so simple.
We could not be in Vaishno Devi at that moment, but singing “Jai Mata Di” with my son, had me reliving the experience in my mind. Thank you, Kabir! I love you. 🙂
Here is Kabir’s airplane (a gift from his bhua).

Kabir's White Airplane

Kabir’s White Airplane

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